Fall is our favorite holiday!! Come celebrate with us!

This all started years ago as a way to save some money.  We lived in San Diego, California where it was beautiful, but a very expensive place to live.  As a way to save some money we started making items from scratch, having dinner at home, and having our friends over instead of going out.  It motivated us to see what we could do for ourselves, and grew into more of a hobby than thinking about saving money. 

Fast forward a few years to when we moved to Washington State.  We moved from a spacious ranch home in a crowded neighborhood, to a small tin box of a house on a spacious lot surrounded by trees and berry bushes.  Our choices turned from frugal to independence, to a real connection with growing and making.  

There is a true pride in knowing that we can make, grow, gather, or catch much of what we use and/or need.  Eventually we would like to transition fully to this way of life, but are currently enjoying learning, building new skills, and living a simple life in our Tin Box in the Woods. 

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to seeing you again soon!